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Established in 2001 with the aim of providing good quality and professional solutions to its customers in the field of automation, OSKON offers perfect solutions to its customers thanks to its team, which in the more than 20 years that we have left behind, is getting stronger and stronger and is constantly updated, constantly following technological changes.

The company, which has implemented many different automation projects during its existence, is a solution partner and authorized dealer of leading companies such as Siemens, Bihl + Wiedemann, Sick, Festo, Phoenix Contact, Harting.

OSKON is able to provide services according to local and international standards and document these works in order to create a safer business environment for its customers. Our company continues to operate in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001, ISO 10002, CE and TSE certificates.

More than 20 years of experience!

We are at your service in industrial automation solutions with more than 400 projects we have done so far and our experienced staff.


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Our Services
We believe that customer satisfaction depends on the highest quality products and services.

Factory Automation

We are with you with our production automation systems to increase your productivity and reduce your costs.

Process Automation

You can get the most out of your business by using our process automation services.


We are with you, with our solutions to stay one step ahead in a competitive work environment and keep up with the times.

Project Management and Consultancy

You can save time and labor costs by getting consulting services from Oskon Automation.

Sales and Marketing

As Oskon Automation, we offer you innovative and alternative tools in sales and marketing processes.

After-Sales Support

As Oskon Process Automation, we support you not only in the sales processes, but also in the after-sales processes.

Partnership and Areas of Expertise
We work with local and international brands to create a safe working environment.
  • Siemens • Advanced Factory Automation and SIMATIC NET
    • Safety Specialist TÜV Certified Safety Expert
    • Process Control System SIMATIC PCS 7
    • Basic Factory Automation S7-1200 and LOGO!
    • Process Instrumentation
    • Motion Control Systems
    • RFID Systems
  • Festo • Pneumatic Drive and Control Elements
    • Servopneumatic Positioning
    • Handling Systems
    • Vacuum Technology
    • Holders
    • Pneumatic Connection Technology
    • Electrical Connection Technology
    • Sensors
    • Process Automation
  • Sick • Flow Measurement Technology
    • Inductive Proximity Sensors
    • Industrial Image Processing
    • Encoders
    • Photocells
    • Security Systems and Solutions
    • Light Curtain
    • Distance Measurement Sensors
    • Automatic Identification Solutions
  • Tempa Pano • Wall Mounted Enclosures
    • Free Standing Panels
    • Stainless Panels
    • EMC Panels
    • Ex-Proof Panels
    • Electronic System Cabinets
    • Control Systems
    • Busbar & Busbar Distribution Systems
    • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Bihl Wiedemann • AS-Interface Controller Gateways
    • AS-Interface Modules
    • Safety Components
    • Distributed I-O Solutions
    • IP67 Installation Technology
    • PLC Independent Safety Technology
    • Conveyor and Drive Solutions
    • AS-i Motorized Coil Solutions
    • AS-i AC Motor Solutions
    • Safe Mode Selection (Machine Safety)
  • Harting • Industrial Connectors Han
    • Interface Connectors
    • Customized Solutions
    • PCB Connectors
    • System Cabling
    • Industrial Ethernet Switches
    • Charging equipment for electromobility
    • 3D-MID Expertise
    • Special Purpose Machinery Manufacturing
  • Phoenix Contact • Rail Terminals
    • Marking Systems, Hand Tools and Assembly Systems
    • Interface Technology and Switching Devices
    • Control Technology, I/O Systems and Automation Solutions
    • Surge Protection and Power Supplies
    • Sensor/Actuator Wiring and Plug-in Connectors
    • Industry Management and Automation
  • Hikrobot • FMR
    • CTU
    • LMR
    • CMR&HMR
    • Accessory
    • Platform
Our Quality Certificates
We believe that customer satisfaction is based on superior product and service quality.
CE / 2015
ISO 9001 / 2015
ISO 14001 / 2015
ISO 27001 / 2015
Marka Tescil / 2015
TSE / 2015

360+ Satisfied Customers

We are at your service in the field of industrial automation with more than 400 projects we have done so far and our experienced team

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