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Batch Systems

Industrial processes consist of repetitive operations and this repetition brings challenges as well as conveniences. While the repetitiveness of processes saves time and planning, it is necessary to ensure that the same repetitive processes occur each time, and it can be difficult at times to maintain constant product quality. Other challenges in batch processes include shorter product life cycles, increased product diversity in market and consumer demands, longer standards and increasingly stringent compliance criteria and control requirements. This is where the need to control batch processes with an automation system arises. Simatic Batch automation software offers the right solution for you.

The Simatic Batch software package is essentially recipe software in processes and is designed to offer simple and flexible solutions even for complex tasks, despite changing control processes. Thanks to its modular architecture, the hardware and software are infinitely scalable and can be optimally adapted to plants of all sizes and individual customer requirements.

With Simatic Batch software you can create and edit recipes, view and control batches, check production orders, save batches and recipes. This makes processes traceable and repeatable and easy to integrate.

The benefits of Simatic Batch software can be listed as follows:

  • Flexibility: The configuration can be expanded at any time, so that plant construction can be carried out in several stages according to individual operational planning.
  • Repeatability: The recipe-based batch control system achieves the same product quality under clearly defined production conditions.
  • Reporting: It reports recipes and batch data in detail as standard. For example, it records operator interventions, error messages, batch start and end time, set value and actual values, etc. in detail.
  • Efficient use of resources: Differentiated allocation strategies for subsystems make it possible to plan plant utilization and can make a significant contribution to improving the efficiency of your plant and minimizing energy costs.
  • ISA-88, FDA and GMP compliance: Documented evidence is provided that the processes used produce products that meet specifications and quality standards.

You can take your processes one step further by choosing Oskon Automation for batch systems and software.

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