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Oskon Electric-Electronic Industry and Trade Ltd. Co. was founded in 2001 with the aim of providing quality and professional solutions to its customers in the field of automation. In 2006, in order to meet our customers' switchgear and automation materials needs in the most affordable and fastest way, Oskon Otomasyon Pazarlama Elektrik Industry and Trade Ltd. Co. has started its operation.

Oskon managers provide technical support to their customers, keeping up with the development of technology thanks to thirty years of experience and a dynamic technical team.

The company, which during its existence has successfully implemented many different turnkey automation projects, received the SIEMENS Solution Partner certificate in 2010.

Our Vision

As OSKON, we have adopted a vision to be the first leading automation company in the region that can meet the needs of our customers by producing fast and innovative solutions, keeping pace with the technologies required by the sector in a globalized world, based on the idea of continuous development.


  • Be a supporter of the latest automation technologies

  • Be able to teach and be open to learning

  • Maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level

  • Create a sense of TRUST in our projects and after-sales service

  • Create differences and efficiency by implementing our solutions with optimal quality, timing and price

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