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After-Sales Support

In today's business world, customer satisfaction is one of the most effective scales for businesses. After-sales support is the technical support provided to the customer after the product or service is purchased.

The nature of after-sales service may vary depending on the industry and product. The most common types of after-sales service can be listed as follows:

  • Pre-installation services (e.g. installation guide)
  • User education
  • Warranty services
  • Online support
  • Return / exchange
  • Spare parts support
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Upgrades / updates

Companies use after-sales support as a business strategy, as it often leads to higher customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and even word-of-mouth marketing. Including automation in after-sales support processes makes things easier and makes it easier to maintain relationships with customers.

Oskon Automation supports you not only in sales processes but also in your after-sales processes.

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