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Chemicals are indispensable for modern life, and the development of the chemical industry contributes to the improvement of living standards, which is an indicator of the level of industrialization of the country. Chemical industry products make a significant contribution to the growth of other industries.

In the early 20th century, there were several chemical enterprises within the Ottoman Empire producing soap, liquorice extract, pumpkin extract, etc. From the founding of the Republic of Turkey until the 1950s, these chemical enterprises underwent a process of corporatization and started producing explosives, pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, detergents, printing ink and textile dyes. The development of the chemical industry in Turkey accelerated only after the 1950s, especially during the period of planned economy. In the 1960s-1980s, economic policy was based on import substitution and public investment was directed to industries that required large capital investments and had low profitability, such as petrochemicals, fertilizers, basic organic and inorganic chemicals, while private and foreign investment was directed to pharmaceuticals, synthetic yarns, soaps and detergents. In 1980, Turkey started to follow a new export-oriented economic policy and as a result of this successful policy, production and exports in the manufacturing sector increased rapidly. The chemical industry also benefited from the new economic policy and showed impressive growth in both production and exports.

Today, Turkey's chemical industry, with its modern technology and diversified products, is a major component of industry and is integrated into the supply chains of national industries, in particular textile and automotive.

Flexible and reproducible production is vital for the chemical industry. The main requirements of this industry are undoubtedly to increase the product range, optimize production processes and comply with legal obligations in the accompanying documents. The solution of these complex tasks can only be achieved with a system that controls, monitors and analyzes all production processes in an integrated and secure manner. At this point, we are at your side to take your business one step further with the automation solutions we offer for you. Oskon Automation offers automation services for the following industries:

  • Weighing systems
  • Plants for the production of aluminum sulfate
  • Silo areas (tank areas)
  • Packing and packaging systems
  • Detergent production plants
  • Production of paint and varnish products
  • Continuous in place cleaning (CIP)
  • Technological safety

In addition, Oskon Automation has a strong list of references in the chemical industry such as BETEK, BASF, BP, EVYAP, Unilever, HAYAT, Johnson Diversey, Cognis and Tübitak.

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