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Software Development

One of the most important steps to have a global voice today is undoubtedly technology... No matter how advanced you are in industrial branches, if you cannot include technology in this process, you are lagging behind the world. Although technology has a very broad meaning, the word in the background here is "software" and if we want to have a say in this field, the most important thing we need to do is to develop our own software by reducing foreign dependency.

Software development means the design, documentation, programming, testing and ongoing maintenance of deliverable software. The software development process involves not only writing code, but also preparing requirements and objectives, designing what and how to code, and verification.

The software development process should not be perceived as just writing code. Many processes are followed until the coding stage. These processes start with company demands and include many stages until the end user's use and maintenance.

The first step here is actually planning. First of all, needs are determined by considering customer demands and factors such as methods, cost and division of labor are evaluated.

Then, the system needs and functions are analyzed and detailed, and exactly what is required from the product to be developed is measured. The logical and physical design of the software system is made within the framework of the determined requirements.

In the realization phase, coding, testing and installation processes take place. The coding of the completed product is tested to ensure that it meets the predetermined requirements, and if there are any gaps in the system, they are closed and the installation is carried out.

The last step is delivery and maintenance. After all processes are completed, the product is delivered to the customer and the maintenance phase starts after the product is used. At this stage, errors that occur during use over time are fixed or problems are solved by adding new add-ons (hotfixes).

In software development processes, the quality and budget of a project largely depends on the model chosen. There are more than fifty such models in use today. The most popular ones are the agile model, the big-bang model, the waterfall model, the V model, the RAD model, the spiral (SDLC) model, the incremental model and the iterative model. Each model has advantages and disadvantages. The process can be managed efficiently by choosing the most suitable model for the work to be done.

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