Smart Sorting Lines (Sorters)

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Smart Sorting Lines (Sorters)

Smart Sorting Lines are smart sorting systems used to sort items in warehouses or distribution centers according to their destination, integrated with automation software.

Smart sort lines are used to sort items in warehouses or distribution centers according to their destination. Random streams of items are sorted into orders ready for shipment. The destination depends on the type of company or application in the supply chain. For example, sorting lines used in postal or courier companies often sort by routes or zip code to collect all items for a single driver. However, retail companies sort items per store. Looking at e-commerce orders, products can be sorted at the order level.

Smart sorting within the supply chain can be used in a variety of applications to drive greater efficiency. These typically include incoming product, returns, outgoing product and transportation.

There are many different types of sorting lines on the market. Automated sorters range from conveyor-based sorters, such as a cross-line sorter, to carrier-based sorters, such as a sliding tray sorter or a bomb bay sorter. Depending on considerations such as required capacity and available budget, the choice can be made to select a manual sorting system or a (semi-) automated sorting system.

Although there are many different types of sorters, they have one thing in common, and that is the process they support and the steps they take to accomplish that process. The process starts with the feeding of items, also known as picking. Items are collected from the warehouse, inventory or couriers and transported to the induction zone. The items are then identified and fed into the sorter, a process that can be executed manually or automatically. Operators receive a continuous flow of products via a paddle belt and put the items on a conveyor where the items are automatically scanned before entering the sorter. The final stage is, of course, the separation of the product according to a specific target, based on predefined parameters.

Smart sorting lines have a number of advantages. These are

  • High efficiency
  • Low separation error
  • Relieving operators
  • Lower operating and service costs
  • Shorter delivery

In today's world where physical and internet sales are increasing rapidly, we offer systems that can meet these demands to our customers as Oskon Automation.

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