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Due to the demand created by the need for nutrition, which is one of the basic needs of human life, the food industry is active in a wide range of production areas. The food sector is among the 7 most strategically profitable sectors of the 2000s worldwide. In Turkey, food production is a major component of the Turkish economy, with the food and beverage sector accounting for about 20 percent of the gross domestic product.

Turkey is a world leader in the production and processing of a number of sought-after crops such as hazelnuts, apricots, figs, cherries, quince and raisins. But of course, food production is much more than just growing and harvesting. Food is processed after it has been grown. The food industry also includes the preparation, packaging and marketing of food for consumption.

Once food is ready for direct consumption, the next step in the industry is distribution. Distributors are responsible for delivering packaged goods to wholesalers and retailers. The transport required for distribution is also within the food sector. However, the work does not end when the food is in the hands of the consumer. Research and development processes are ongoing in order to produce better products. This leads to the constant development and growth of technology in the food industry and the inclusion of automation systems in the processes.

For an industry that is growing from year to year, it is more important than ever to control or reduce costs in food processing plants. For most food processing companies, compromising the quality of the products they produce in order to achieve lower costs is not the right solution. Therefore, like most other processing industries, food companies are looking for ways to increase efficiency at all stages of production through automation. In modern food processing plants, automation is omnipresent in the processing or packaging of food products. In addition, automation helps food businesses become more flexible and adaptive to change. While human workers often need to be retrained to adapt to new systems, digital automation systems change their purpose more easily.

Looking at a modern food processing and packaging plant, one can find a variety of systems including automated ovens, cutting and forming machines, sorting equipment, mixers and blending machines, filling equipment, packaging equipment and robots as numerous as the highly automated machines. Automation in the food industry today is a prerequisite to ensure the required level of quality control, production speed, labour shortages and overall profitability.

As Oskon, we support automation in the food industry in the following areas:

  • Fruit juice production factories
  • Milk processing systems
  • Sterilizers
  • Homogenizers

In addition, Oskon Automation has strong references such as Ülker, Della Gıda (ColaTurca), Kraft in the food industry.

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