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Seamanship (Shipbuilding factory)

Surrounded on three sides by seas, Turkey is a natural bridge between Asia and Europe. Turkey is washed by the Black, Mediterranean, Aegean and Marmara Seas. The growth of world trade, high freight rates, the renewal of the merchant fleet in accordance with international rules and the Chinese factor, which ranks first in world trade, effectively affect the development of maritime transport and shipbuilding industry. The shipping sector in Turkey is growing from year to year, which is due to the geographical location of our country and the events taking place in the world.

Traditional shipbuilding skills combined with modern technology and training have enabled the Turkish shipbuilding industry to become an internationally recognized brand since the early 1990s. The sector has rapidly achieved significant development in a short period of time. Turkey has rapidly developed its shipbuilding industry in recent years and has become the fifth largest shipbuilding country in the world.

The shipping industry includes many processes and divisions. These include the piers used during the loading and unloading of cargo onto ships, the winches used during this process and during mooring, and the dry or wet basins where ships are taken for maintenance.

Oskon offers automated solutions for systems such as:

  • Pool towing systems
  • Winch systems
  • Ship handling system (mooring)
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