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Iron and Steel

From an industrial point of view, iron and steel can be defined as iron ore or scrap, melted and then transformed into rebar, various sections, wire products, pipes, sheets, plates, etc. by applying various methods such as casting, rolling, forging, heat treatment and protective coatings. Due to its lower cost of production compared to other metals and high durability, the metallurgical sector provides raw materials to many industries of strategic importance for the development of countries, such as defense, heavy engineering, transportation, construction, household appliances, automotive and shipbuilding.

The Turkish steel industry is one of our strategically important industries in terms of its high export volume, direct and indirect contribution to job creation and provision of raw materials for other industrial sectors. As in many other industries, today the steel industry is also intensively using the benefits of automation. The role of automation in the steel industry is mainly to ensure the smooth, accurate and stable functioning of production processes used to produce finished steel products from raw materials/semi-finished products using energy, manpower, equipment and infrastructure. Since this sector is essentially a "systematic economic activity", the main objective of the sector is to maximize profits by producing quality products in larger volumes with lower production costs and time, and therefore the spread of automation systems in the steel industry is an important issue.

Coils produced in steel mills are too large and wide to be used directly by the consumer. For this reason, they need to be cut into smaller widths, trimmed to the desired size and sometimes stretched to different circle sizes. In addition, weighing may be required at any stage of the process. Oskon offers:

  • Cutting lines
  • Cut to length lines
  • Tension lines
  • Weighing lines
  • Rolling mills

Most of the water used in integrated steel mills is used for cooling and cleaning. In this sector, where processes take place at high temperatures and large quantities of water are used, savings in process water consumption, wastewater volumes and energy consumption can be achieved by monitoring and controlling water consumption on a process-by-process basis to save water. Oskon offers you its services in this respect by implementing cooling tower automation projects.

Due to the harsh working conditions in the metallurgical industry, special industrial lifting and handling systems are required. The systems used are cranes with a high working class due to dangerous loads, high temperature, intense and fast working conditions. These cranes, which should not be affected by environmental conditions, can be specially modified using quality equipment and automation systems. Oskon Automation offers you projects for the application of unmanned cranes.

In addition, Oskon has a strong list of references in the steel sector such as Erdemir, Ersem, İsdemir, Kardemir, Borçelik, Cenk Endüstri, Çolakoğlu Metalurji, Ekinciler.

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