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As technology develops and becomes more widespread, the necessary infrastructure is also constantly developing and expanding. The main component of this infrastructure is the cable. It is used on every wall, floor, ceiling, kitchen, bathroom, under the ground on the street, between the poles when we raise our heads, in short, everywhere we live.

As the need for communication increases, communication technologies are also developing. Cable is now a product that we encounter in almost every device we use in daily life. It has a wide range of uses from large energy transmission cables to telecommunication optical cables. Today, the fastest growing cables are telecommunication cables. The share of these cables in total production has increased to 37%. The share of energy cables has fallen to 56% over time. Demand for power and telecommunication cables depends on different factors. The demand for power cables depends not only on electricity consumption, but also on the expansion of the system, the installation of new generation and transmission systems and the need for renewal. The demand for telecommunication cables depends on the degree of development of the country, the modernity and extensiveness of the telecommunication network, telecommunication and computing equipment and the intensity of use.

Cables can basically be categorized as energy cables and telecommunication/communication cables. Copper, iron and steel wires and fiber optic materials are used in cable production.

As Oskon Automation, we serve you in the automation of the following machines:

  • Copper wire pulling machines
  • Iron wire pulling machines
  • Steel wire pulling machines
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