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Project Management and Consulting

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in consulting services in our country. Organizations and enterprises receive support from experts or companies in many areas - from branding to marketing, from human resources management to accounting.

What is consulting? In its simplest form, consulting is the work of transferring the knowledge, skills and experience of people or individuals specializing in a particular field to the organization they serve. The most important issue here is expertise. In addition, the knowledge possessed by the person or firm providing consulting services must be distinctive, innovative and add something new to the recipient of the services. In addition, consultants should take care of the interests of the organization to which they provide services, subject to the principle of impartiality, as well as develop management strategies, sharing the results with the organization.

Today, each enterprise may not be able to maintain a sufficient number of experts in its own staff or in some cases prefer to receive consulting services to meet temporary needs. The main consulting services that your business needs can be listed as follows:

  • Project consulting
  • Advising on research and development
  • Consulting on information technology
  • Consulting on project management issues

In the basic consulting process, the client's needs are first identified. Then a mutual agreement is reached on the description of the work, the service required and the solutions expected in the process of providing this service, a contract is signed and the process of procuring the service begins. Finally, the defined and agreed work is carried out by the consultant within a specified timeframe and the result of the service is presented to the managers in the form of a report.

Project Management Components Project management is very important for the successful completion of a project. It consists of a combination of different areas of management.

These areas include:

  • Integration management, processes are defined to ensure coordination of project elements. Methods of project planning, plan execution, change management are applied.
  • Audit procedures for scope management, scope definition, scope planning, scope checks, scope changes.
  • Time management, defines the processes that will ensure the project is completed on time. It consists of work definition, time estimation, development and control of schedules.
  • Cost management, processes are defined that will ensure project completion within the approved project budget. Methods of cost planning, cost estimation, budgeting and cost control are applied.
  • Quality management, processes are defined that will ensure that the project needs are met. Quality planning, quality assurance and quality control methods are applied.
  • Human resources management, defined processes for more efficient use of the project related workforce. Methods of organizational planning, staffing, team building are applied.
  • Communication management defines the processes of producing, collecting, disseminating, storing and organizing project information in a timely and appropriate manner. Methods of communication planning, dissemination of information, reporting on the results of activities are applied.
  • Risk management, processes for identifying and analyzing project risks and implementing solutions are defined. Methods of risk identification, risk quantification, risk-based planning and risk mitigation are applied.
  • Procurement management defines the processes for outsourcing the products and services required for the project. It consists of procurement planning, demand planning, company selection, contract management, contract signing.

As Oskon Automation, we provide consultancy in various areas and services to make your business run more efficiently.

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