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Automotive Industry

The automotive sector in Turkey has a 60-year history and is one of the country's top 3 largest sectors. As a very dynamic sector, the automotive industry requires extraordinary flexibility and close monitoring of developing technologies. For this reason, the automotive industry is actually no stranger to automation systems. Before most other industries discovered automation as a solution, automakers were using industrial robots and sensor technology in their assembly plants to increase productivity and efficiency. So what role does automation play in the automotive industry today, what could happen in the future, and where can Oskon support you?

Most automotive factories utilize some degree of automation in almost every stage of vehicle production. In particular, automated equipment is used in fabrication, welding, paint shop, assembly and material handling processes. Most commonly, automation involves integrating robotics into key areas to save time, increase capacity and protect workers from hazardous conditions and repetitive labor.

Automation can be used in automotive assembly lines to rivet, fasten or interlock large and small parts. Oskon Automation offers you services in the following areas in the assembly departments:

  • Buffer Area
  • Automatic Carriers & Telescopic Bars
  • Trim Lines
  • Chassis Lines

Automotive companies join materials faster, safer and more efficiently with welding automation solutions. Robots used in welding can include customized welding cells, six-axis robots for MIG or laser welding, and more applications. Using automated robots in welding improves quality, keeps workers away from sparks and hazardous conditions, and reduces waste. Oskon Automation provides automation support for welding departments in the following areas:

  • Bodyside & Underbody Robotic Cells
  • Manual Fixtures
  • Semi-Automatic Fixtures
  • Door Cells

The goal of paint process automation in automotive factories is to do more in less space, increase workplace safety and, of course, optimize accuracy and quality. Industrial paint booths equipped with sensors, algorithms and cameras can analyze and inspect an object, recognize patterns, evaluate size and perform the process with high accuracy. Oskon Automation's automation solutions for paint shop departments include

  • Dry and wet paint cabins
  • Sanding cabins
  • Compound cabins
  • Ovens

In addition to these, Oskon Automation, which also offers Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) solutions, has a strong reference list such as Ford, TOGG, Mercedes Benz, MAN, Tofaş, BMC, Tülomsaş, Tüvasaş.

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