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The pharmaceutical industry is defined as the discovery, development and production of medicines. The pharmaceutical industry plays an important role in protecting human health and improving the quality of life. It also has economic and strategic importance for countries. The Covid-19 pandemic has once again demonstrated the vital importance of the pharmaceutical industry for countries and the strategic value of having a strong and self-confident pharmaceutical industry. Considered as the third sector in the world, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the earliest established sectors in Turkey.

The Turkish pharmaceutical industry, which has the potential to compete with developed countries, is the most dynamic and strategic sector among the sectors supporting the industrial transformation of our country, and has a long-established history, many years of production experience, a qualified workforce and a high value-added structure based on the latest technology.

Twenty years ago, most of the automation in the pharmaceutical sector consisted of ad hoc setups created by engineers with little experience in developing industry-quality automation. These "robots" performed adequately, but in a tightly regulated industry like pharma, where consistency and traceability are essential, there was a growing demand for industry-quality solutions. Thanks to recent developments in the robotics industry, the needs of this sector are also being met more precisely.

Today, automation is present at almost every stage of the pharmaceutical industry. Automation technologies help improve the efficiency of drug development and production by streamlining processes. It also reduces the likelihood of human error through the ability to perform repetitive tasks on a continuous basis. Because robots can easily perform repetitive tasks, such as filling and packaging, with high accuracy and speed compared to human workers, the technologies increase productivity. Pharmaceutical companies are integrating automation into specific processes such as drug development, serialization, anti-counterfeiting and more.

With strong references such as Novartis and Amgen, Oskon Automation serves you with automation projects in the pharmaceutical industry.

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