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What is Solution 4.0?

Serving its customers with 20 years of experience in industrial automation, Oskon offers consultancy and end-to-end, turnkey solutions to its customers in the field of Industry 4.0.

  • We create your company's Industry 4.0 report sheet. In this report, your facility is evaluated operationally and technologically.
  • In line with the report, we share with you recommendations to improve the process and technology and the impact you can achieve as a result.

We evaluate the solutions we can offer in 5 stages. We can provide all of these stages end-to-end and/or we can be involved in the project at the stages that our customers will choose. The stages we have determined

  • Connection
  • Safety
  • Data Exchange
  • Monitoring
  • Workflow / Traceability (Implementation)
  • Integration

Working Models

The Solution 4.0 platform can run on the cloud and/or on your own servers.

PaaS Model

In this model, pricing is based on the inbound-outbound instant traffic, disk space and performance you will use.

The most appropriate pricing is made by our engineers according to the needs of your business.

In this model, the platform is offered as a service. Pricing is calculated monthly and billed annually.

Maintenance and renewal work to be done in the system is free of charge.

On-Premise Model

In this model, the platform is installed on your servers. The application to be installed belongs entirely to you.

The performance you can get according to the features of your servers and the inbound-outbound instant traffic you can use are calculated by our engineers and notified to our customers.

Maintenance and renewal works to be performed in the system are evaluated within the scope of the maintenance contract.

Data Submission Processes

Data sources that need to be connected to the Solution 4.0 platform can be connected to the system in the following ways. If you benefit from the 3rd stage of our services (Data Exchange), the transfer of data will be provided by our engineers.

In case you provide the data, the data sources we support are as follows. Documents on the use of data sources will be shared with you after your request.

Data is collected on our DC device and then sent.

Education and Support

Trainings on the use of the platform are planned for 2 days after installation. After the trainings, the certificate of participation is sent to the participating personnel online and in writing.

After the system is commissioned, we will gladly help you with the problems and support requests you experience through our support system and support phone line.

Additional Development Processes

Workflows to be planned specifically for your operation on the system are charged on a man/day basis.

We work with you to create the most suitable scenarios for the workflows of your business and develop our applications in line with your instructions.

Successful Working Models

Digitalization Tracking Monitor

Digitalization Monitor is a monitoring application where facilities at multiple locations running on the Solution 4.0 platform can be jointly monitored and analyzed.

In this application, the workflows of your company's machines, product transition numbers and operational performance are reported to our users at the manager and field levels.

We can support our customers with the standard package without making any changes to the platform.

MTS (Material Transportation System)

MTS is an application that automates Mobile Equipment (Crane, Forklift) and Product Tracking processes running on the Solution 4.0 platform.

In this application, Crane and Forklift positions are taken over the equipment and products and equipment are tracked in an integrated manner with our Warehouse Management module. When the crane picks up any product in the field, the product position in the Warehouse Management system is compared with the mobile equipment position and it is aimed to change the position of the correct product without operator intervention.

Additional improvements have been made on the platform.

  • Admin Screens
  • Mobile Terminals
  • SAP Integration

Process Control

Process Control is a process creation and tracking application targeting chemical, food and pharmaceutical facilities running on the Solution 4.0 platform.

With this application, recipes to be run on devices are created, stored securely and sent to industrial devices. An administrator approval mechanism has been developed for the created prescriptions. A step-by-step working mode was created for the recipes and integration with industrial devices was ensured.

The production schedule is created weekly and the production schedule of the devices is prepared.

After the final product output, the working report of the recipe is presented to the user.

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