Material Tracking System (MTS)

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Material Tracking System - MTS

The most important factor that positively affects the productivity and efficiency that a business needs is the need for manpower, as well as in general for systems that reduce losses associated with the human factor and provide error-free and instant tracking. These systems are called automation systems and material tracking system is one of the most important automation systems in an enterprise. With the help of material tracking systems, stocks in warehouses and materials in production can be tracked at the desired frequency.

With error-free warehouse accounting and inventory tracking processes, you not only provide your business with a reliable data flow for accurate planning, but also improve all business processes, especially production ones. This way, you will be one step ahead in an industry where competition is very high. Thanks to a good material tracking system, inventory value losses caused by incorrect calculations are also prevented. For this reason, the online material tracking system you use is just as important as the location of your warehouse, inventory management, and barcode systems for effective material tracking.

Privileges of having a material tracking system:

  • You can prevent material losses.
  • You can reduce the time to search for material.
  • You can fix the supply chain from production to installation.
  • You can improve accountability among all stakeholders.
  • You can proactively track delays and bottlenecks.
  • You can use reliable field data in real time for reporting and decision making.
  • You can gain insight into utilization and utilization.
  • You can digitize paper-based processes such as audits.

As Oskon Automation, take your business one step further with the material tracking system automation support we will provide you.

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