Siemens Opcenter – Manufacturing operations management

Opcenter is a unified manufacturing operations management (MOM) solutions portfolio, enabling digital software operations management.

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Why Siemens Opcenter?

Enable the digital enterprise with industry-rich MOM applications that help you cost-effectively make the highest quality products faster than your competitors.

Full digital twin in real production

MOM is the real-time software layer that links product lifecycle management (PLM) to automation, connecting the virtual world of product development with the real world of production.

Lower cost, more efficient production

Digitally plan and orchestrate manufacturing and quality operations for more efficient production, improved reliability and better visibility into operations.

Continuous, closed-loop improvement

Compare as-planned and as-is data to improve innovation and quickly implement change. Transform big data into actionable intelligence to predict and solve issues.

Enabling smart manufacturing with MOM

Digitalization is no longer the future. It is here today, and we are implementing it alongside our customers.

Siemens Opcenter featured capabilities

Learn about the dynamic manufacturing operations management (MOM) capabilities offered in Opcenter.

Manufacturing execution

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) track and enforce production processes to ensure quality and efficiency.

Quality management

Quality management system (QMS) software provides the procedures, processes, structure and resources needed to meet customer requirements and comply with standards and industry guidelines.

Production planning and scheduling

Production planning and scheduling capabilities allow you to reduce inventories, shorten production cycles and increase your level of service to your customers.

Enterprise manufacturing intelligence

Generate insights from manufacturing operations management and enterprise data using powerful data analytics.

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