Autonomous Crane Systems

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Autonomous Crane Systems

Autonomous crane systems, or crane automation systems, include a variety of advanced motion control products designed to streamline the material handling process. This eliminates human error and maximizes performance. In addition, equipment issues can be easily troubleshooted, significantly improving operational safety.

Autonomous crane systems essentially transform problem areas and processes to reduce the potential for human error. These applications require little or no human interaction. By improving the safety of your workplace, we can help limit inappropriate crane operation and prevent contact between cranes.

You may wonder why autonomous crane systems should be preferred. The answers can be listed as follows:

  • Fatigue caused by repetitive movements of operators is eliminated.
  • Cycle time is increased in time-sensitive pick and place applications.
  • High accuracy is achieved when picking and placing expensive products.
  • Operators are removed from toxic areas.
  • If an operator is absolutely necessary, they can control the cranes from remote and safe areas.
  • Advanced analysis and reporting results can be obtained

As Oskon Automation, improve your material handling process with the unmanned crane applications automation support we will provide you.

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